Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jackass style shark stunt nearly turns deadly for adrenalin junky


Gold Coast adrenalin junkie Shaun Harrington almost turned into lunch while filming a video stunt for clothing label The Mad Hueys. Courtesy: The Mad Hueys

Man yells in terror after 2.4m Tiger shark lunges at him
Jack-ass style stunt was to get 'up close and personal' with man-eater
Flimsy cage used for protection

IT was a Jackass-style stunt that nearly turned around and bit Gold Coast adrenalin junkie Shaun Harrington - or rather mauled him.

Harrington, 27, and fellow forever-clowning twin brother Dean decided to go 'cage diving' with sharks off the Coast last weekend for an extreme video shoot for their surfing and fishing clothing label, fittingly called The Mad Hueys.

But the cage wasn't the jaws-proof reinforced steel type typically used by shark divers - it was a flimsy $50 bird cage Shaun planned to plonk on his head.

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