Saturday, 25 January 2014

Whale meat illegally sold at German food fair

January 2014: Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) has revealed that food products claiming to contain Norwegian minke whale meat have been sold illegally at one of the world’s biggest food and agricultural fairs - Berlin Green Week.

Following a tip off, the WDC, together with marine protection organization MEER eV, discovered that the dish, which purportedly contains smoked whale meat with blueberry jam,was being offered for sale.

WDC has brought the sale of the meat to the attention of the German Federal Environment Ministry who have confirmed that they will be investigating further. The import and sale of whale and dolphin meat to Germany and elsewhere in the EU is strictly prohibited."The fact that the meat of a species which is strictly protected in Germany, and the EU, is offered for sale is scandalous,” says Astrid Fuchs, campaign manager at WDC.“This underlines the fact that there is an urgent need for a greater application of existing laws. Not only has Norway broken the law here several times – by importation and sale – but the unsuspecting visitors to the fair will also be breaking existing laws by purchasing the meat. It is incredible that this is going on under the noses of the authorities at such a big, international exhibition."

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