Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cat escapes horror 80mph car journey

A cat miracuously survived after travelling 50 miles underneath a Toyota Land Cruiser trapped inside a suspension spring.

Mechanics spent three hours getting the animal out and were baffled by how it became wedged inside the powerful spring in the first place.

Driver Vitaliy Bouranin said he had not noticed anything when he had climbed into his vehicle to set off on a business journey in Sakhalin, a large island in the North Pacific Ocean in south-eastern Russia.

He had travelled about 50 miles, most of it going over 80 mph, when he stopped for petrol at a service station.

He said: "As I was filling up, I heard a noise that sounded like a cat meowing. I thought it might be under the car so when I put the fuel nozzle back I looked under the car and couldn't see it, but I could still hear it.

"After a little poking around I finally saw a patch of fur and realised the cat had somehow ended up inside the spring.

"I have no idea how long it was there or far more importantly, how it got there. I would have said it was impossible for a cat to get in the middle of a spring like that but somehow it had managed it."

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