Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tiny wallaby among three newly discovered mammals in remote forest

An Australian-led expedition says it has discovered three new mammal species in Papua New Guinea, releasing for the first time a picture of one of the animals – a diminutive wallaby – to Guardian Australia.

More than 40 camera traps were set up in two little-studied mountains in the remote Torricelli range, in north-east Papua New Guinea, during the four-month study.

The Docopsulus wallaby, a small marsupial, was captured on camera, as well as a “Dumbo” mouse with giant ears, and an antechinus, a sort of shrew-like marsupial.

Euan Ritchie, an ecologist at Deakin University in Melbourne, partnered with the Tenkile Conservation Alliance, a group headed by Australians Jim and Jean Thomas which is dedicated to protecting tree kangaroos, for the project.

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