Friday, 20 June 2014

Nearly 150 endangered wildlife seized at Indonesian airport

Two shipments of endangered Indonesian species, including a sedated young orangutan, have been intercepted at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Java, Indonesia.

Along with the orangutan, the first shipment, which was believed to be heading for Kuwait, contained three Javan gibbons, four siamangs, a slow loris, 97 Burmese pythons, and two palm cockatoos, stuffed into two suitcases. 

The second shipment contained native Indonesian birds including eight New Guinea babblers, seven sicklebills and nine other birds-of-paradise.

This shipment was intended for Paris, France, with the animals believed to be destined for the exotic pet trade.

Out of the 144 animals found in the two seizures, at least 13 had died, news reports said. The surviving animals are currently recuperating at the airport’s quarantine station, following which the Ministry of Forestry will return them to their natural habitats. 

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