Monday, 30 June 2014

Watch the video of a giant barrel jellyfish filmed in Cornwall

Large barrel jellyfish like this one have been seen in great numbers recently off the coasts of Cornwall

A man swimming with his dog in Cornwall captured some amazing footage of a giant barrel jellyfish. On his YouTube commentary Matt Slater said: “This barrel jellyfish (Rhizostoma pullmo) was filmed in the Percuil Estuary, near St Mawes, Cornwall.

“Large numbers of these, the UK's largest jellyfish species have been seen this year around our coast.

“They are totally harmless and feed on plankton. They do have stinging cells but they are not able to get through human skin.

“They can grow to 80cm wide and weigh up to 30 kilos!”

The film gives a perfect example of the size as Matt’s dog Mango swims by.

According to the Torquay Herald Express, sightings were reported to the Marine Conservation Society at Petitor Cove, at Brixham breakwater, Teignmouth, Coryton Cove, Dawlish and in the River Teign off Bishopsteignton. In Torquay harbour there were more than 100.

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