Monday, 21 July 2014

Gang of 8 becomes Gang of 19

Posted by: Kevin Heath / 6 days ago

The so-called ‘Gang of 8′ which were singled out by CITES as not doing enough to tackle the illegal ivory trade has seen its number swell by another 11 countries. The latest meeting of CITES which ended yesterday has ordered 11 more countries to develop national action plans on how they plan to protect elephants and end the illegal ivory trade crossing into their borders.

The first 8 countries that were highlighted last year for special measures and ordered to produce national action plans on ivory were:
Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania and
Viet Nam

Now 11 new countries have been added to the list of those causing concern. They have been identified as being major players in the ivory trade either as source, transit or destination countries. The following countries need to develop national action plans to protect both elephants and rhino:

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