Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Koala found clinging to car’s grille after 88km drive in Queensland

Furry stowaway nicknamed Timberwolf discovered with only minor injuries when driver stopped at a service station

Oliver Milman

theguardian.com, Monday 28 July 2014 10.06 BST

A koala named Timberwolf has suffered only minor injuries after he was found clinging to the bottom of a car that travelled 88km before the furry stowaway was discovered. 

The four-year-old marsupial was discovered clinging to the grille of the vehicle by its occupants when they stopped at a service station in Gympie, Queensland, on Friday.

The family in the car did not know they had a koala passenger for the 88km journey from Maryborough.

Staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital treated the koala, naming him Timberwolf after their football team.

Luckily, Timberwolf suffered only minor injuries from his joy ride, with a torn nail being the worst of his woes. However, staff discovered the koala also has chlamydia, which will require antibiotic treatment.

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