Friday, 25 July 2014

Suburban dugites and bobtails come under the microscope

24th July 2014

1 hour ago by Lizzie Thelwell

A Curtin University researcher is embarking on a new study that will examine behavioural and ecological differences between reptiles in Perth and rural areas to identify key impacts of urbanisation.

"I am investigating the pros and cons of city living for these reptiles, to find out how we can successfully co-exist," PhD candidate Ashleigh Wolfe says.

Ms Wolfe has chosen to study WA's iconic dugites (Pseudonaja affinis) and bobtails (Tiliqua rugosa).

"Even with Perth's urban expansion, dugites and bobtails are still abundant in the city, so they must use some strategies for surviving in urban environments that most other species don't," she says.

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