Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mystery over dead koala dumped in police driveway with $50 in its mouth

Police at a loss to explain motive behind dumping of cashed up marsupial that appeared to have been hit by a car

Australian Associated Press, Tuesday 5 August 2014 05.51 BST

In the film The Godfather, mafia boss Don Corleone has a severed horse’s head put in an enemy’s bed, but no one is sure what to make of the dumping of a dead koala with $50 in its mouth at a Victorian police station.

Sergeant Jason Von Tunk thought he was being set up for a possible ambush when he made the grisly discovery in the driveway of Heywood police station on Saturday night.

He heard a thud and went outside the station to investigate.

“I put my torch on it, and I saw it was a koala,” Von Tunk told Fairfax radio on Tuesday. “It made me shiver, I thought what’s this about, and I thought I was getting set up – the old put a dead koala out in the middle of the driveway situation, and then get ambushed. All sorts of things go through your head.”

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