Saturday, 16 August 2014

Raju the crying elephant meets new family at animal sanctuary

After 50 years of captivity, the elephant has been taken to a sanctuary in northern India where he is in the company of five female elephants, collectively dubbed the ‘Herd of Hope’ after all being rescued from abuse.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 8:54 AM

The tortured elephant who hit the headlines last month for crying on his release from captivity has joined five females at his forever home.

Tear-jerking video shows the gentle giant being welcomed to a refuge in Mathura, northern India, by his new companions.

Raju the elephant cried upon being rescued from 50 years of captivity.

They flap their ears, trumpet a greeting and touch him with their trunks — all signs of joy — as he's led into the sanctuary.

His new family members — collectively dubbed the "Herd of Hope" — were all rescued by the Wildlife SOS charity, which also saved Raju from a life of "hell" during a daring nighttime raid in early July.
The rescued elephant dines on mangos, melons and bananas.

"We're delighted he's fitted in so well with the first family he's had since poachers orphaned him as a calf," charity boss Kartick Satyanarayan told The Mirror.

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