Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cat survives after being dragged 10 miles at 70mph

12 September 2014, 11:44

A cat hit at 70mph and dragged for 10 miles down a motorway had its ears burned off - but survived.

The moggy got its head wedged in the front grill when it was struck by a Peugeot on the A14 near Gisikon, Switzerland.

The proximity of the cat's head to the hot car engine during its horrific journey caused her ears and fur to burn off.

The driver, Stephanie Huber, said she heard a soft thud but hadn't thought anything of it and continued driving.

But when she parked up in Lucerne she noticed the front bumper had a cat's body sticking out of it, with the head wedged inside. When she saw the animal was alive, she had called police.

Swiss police spokesman Urs Wigger said: "After hearing that a motorist had struck an animal at 70 mph we were positive it wouldn't be alive, especially after then being carried along by the car for another 10 miles. When we found out that it had indeed survived it was a real surprise."

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