Sunday, 14 September 2014

Thailand set to target markets to protect international trade

Posted by: Kevin Heath / 2 days ago

Thai officials have announced a plan to tighten up the ivory trade in the country to protect their international wildlife trade. With an estimate £636 million in earnings from international trade of CITES species under threat the government has decided it is time to take action.

While ivory trading is legal in Thailand all traders must be registered with the Commerce Ministry. However this requirement has not been enforced and there are hundreds of small ivory trader operating illegally but unchallenged. Now the Commerce Ministry is to work with the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department to ensure all traders are registered and the regulations are enforced.

The first areas to targeted by Thai officials will be Jatuchak Market and Tha Phrachan in Bangkok which are renown for their illegal ivory traders and shops. After trade in these areas are checked and put under control the officials will move out into other areas of the city and then into other provinces in the country.

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