Saturday, 18 October 2014

Decades of overfishing causes swordfish decline

Overfishing has caused swordfish numbers to decline considerably since the 1980s and the population is now 70 percent lower than what is considered sustainable, the marine conservation charity Oceana has warned the EU.

They are asking the European Union to urgently adopt a Mediterranean swordfish management plan that will restore the stock to sustainable levels before it is too late. This the charity says should include the setting of a catch limit take measures that will ensure its recovery

“The European Union is blatantly ignoring its obligation to manage stocks at sustainable levels by 2015, or by 2020 at the very latest,” said Maria Jose Cornax, Fisheries Campaign Manager for Oceana Europe.

“By not adopting measures now, the EU would be duplicating the same costly mistake that brought bluefin tuna to the verge of collapse in the past.” 

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