Saturday, 25 October 2014

Net closes on the Groenewalds as rhino poaching reaches 899

As the net closes in on the Groenewalds and their safari company Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris the South African government has announced that the latest rhino poaching stats for the country stands at 899. With just 10 weeks left in 2014 the number is set to beat last years record 1004 rhinos killed for their horn.

Yesterday the Groenewald brothers were charged in the United States with a range of indictments including fraud and selling illegal rhino hunts to US hunters and also the illegal trade in rhino horns.

The brothers have a long history of dubious rhino hunts with claims that they have worked with land grabbers in Zimbabwe to take hunters into the country on illegal big game hunts including rhino hunting. This was despite being banned from operating in Zimbabwe in 2004.

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