Thursday, 30 October 2014

Moscow whales kept in cramped conditions for nearly a year

Following the news of ten wild orcas being captured in the Far East of Russia, with two being transferred to Moscow for captivity (which we reported here), the backlash against the city’s new exhibition centre VDNKh for keeping the whales continues. The Independent reports that Russian animal activist group Vita, along with other supporters, battles to gain public support and raise awareness of what they claim is animal cruelty. 

The two killer whales were to be transferred to the centre’s new aquarium – said to become Europe’s largest – in spring 2014, but delays in construction have meant the whales have been kept in temporary housing since their arrival 10 months ago. 

Aleksandr Burdin, Director of the Far East Russia Orca Project, supports Vita in their campaign and compares the orcas’ current living situation with “putting a human in a barrel with water and keeping him or her there for a long time,” while Head of Vita Irina Novozhilova claimed in a statement the animals are living in ‘solitary confinement cells’. 

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