Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Thousand Bison Sentenced to Die This Winter

By Taylor Hill | Takepart.com17 hours ago

With frigid temperatures and a shrinking food supply, winter can be tough on Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife. And for the area’s 4,900 bison, it’s not just nature’s elements they’re fighting against.

Upwards of 1,000 buffalo could meet their demise this winter through either hunting or through shipment to slaughterhouses, as park officials look to keep the herds contained and avoid a mass migration of the beasts into Montana.

It’s a balance the Parks Service deals with annually, but this year’s planned culling is one of the largest since the management program was created 14 years ago, up from the 650 killed last winter. According to the National Parks Service website, 300 to 400 bison will be removed by hunting, while 500 to 600 could be shipped to meat processing or research facilities starting in January.

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