Monday, 10 August 2015

Divers baffled by giant, mysterious mass off Turkish coast

AUGUST 9, 2015

by Susanna Pilny

Recently, scientists off the coast of Greece found underwater pools of opal and carbon dioxide, but a different underwater mass found near Turkey has a different group of divers utterly flummoxed.

As seen in the video, this translucent dotted blob is enormous, measuring about 13 feet around. Diver Lutfu Tanriover told Deep Sea News they felt a mixture of “both excitement and fear” as they approached the mass. When touched, it felt “very soft,” and it looked gelatinous.

The puzzled divers swam around it for some time, examining it closely with flashlights, but could not identify what the sphere was. Thus, they uploaded it online in hopes someone else could, appropriately titling the video “the thing”.

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