Wednesday, 16 December 2015

'Crying' otter cub found on doorstep now safe and sound

A 'crying' baby otter found on a doorstep in Scotland is now safe and being cared for by an animal rescue centre

4:16PM GMT 11 Dec 2015

An otter found "crying" on a doorstep is now being looked after by an animal charity.

The Scottish SPCA believe that it was left alone because it was separated from the mother during bad weather in the region last weekend.

Photo: Scottish SPCA
The cub was found crying and mewling at the back door of a house in Kirkcudbright on Monday morning.

Although malnourished and underweight, the cub is improving steadily on a diet of milk and fish.

The rescue center staff have become quite taken with the cub, who they have named "Buddy".

The charity is now looking after 15 motherless cubs at the national wildlife rescue centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said it has been their busiest ever year for otter cubs.

He added: "Buddy will be introduced to our three youngest cubs, Ebb, Tide and Wave, who were also found without their mothers.

"They will stay with us for around a year until they are old enough to fend for themselves back in the wild."

It's dangerous weather for baby animals at the moment, with floods and heavy rain making them susceptable to being separated from their mothers.

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