Wednesday, 23 December 2015

RSPCA under fire as vets fix a tiny rodent’s tooth under anaesthetic

Some claim the procedure is pointless as the tiny field vole is likely to be eaten anyway

By Javier Espinoza

12:59PM GMT 20 Dec 2015

The RSPCA released the pictures of the operation
on Facebook Photo: RSPCA Facebook
The RSPCA has come under fire after it vets fixed the broken teeth of a tiny rodent, which is likely to be eaten other wildlife anyway.

"The RSPCAS policy on euthanasia is increasingly random as it kills healthy domestic animals while carrying out surgery on wild animals that'll soon die anyway."
Tim Bonner, chairman of the Countryside Alliance

The charity was quick to provide emergency dental treatment to a tiny field vole but this lead to many highlighting this was a pointless exercise because the rodent is likely to end up eaten once it is released into the wild.

The revelations are likely brings its euthanasia policy under renewed scrutiny as some argue the charity uses funds to treat animals that are not expected to live long.

A member of the public took the four-inch vole, which weighs about an ounce, to a centre with one of its incisors broken.

Vets at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, anaesthetised the rodent by creating a gas chamber out of a cotton bud box. Then they used small dental instruments to even out the teeth and allow the vole to chew food again.

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