Thursday 16 May 2019

15-foot great white shark is being tracked off the Carolinas. It weighs 2,137 pounds

MAY 13, 2019
by Mark Price, The Charlotte Observer
Shark trackers say a 15-foot, 2,137-pound great white shark is traveling up the Carolinas coast on a path toward the Outer Banks.
That's a fish about the length of a Volkswagen Passat.
OCEARCH, a nonprofit that tags and tracks sharks, reported in a Facebook post that the 15-foot shark named Luna showed up on tracking records May 9 at 11:34 a.m. off Charleston.
It was swimming through a deep sea area known as the Charleston Bump, 80 to 100 miles off the coast. That section of ocean gets its name from a sudden rise above the largely flat coastal floor off Charleston, according to NOAA. Experts say the bump "deflects" the northward flow of the Gulf Stream offshore.
OCEARCH has been tracking the 15-foot shark for months. It began its journey traveling south from the Canadian coast in October 2018 and made it to the southern tip of Florida before doing a U-turn toward the Carolinas, according to OCEARCH tracking.
Luna is one of eight great white sharks currently being tracked by OCEARCH off North Carolina and South Carolina.. Four of them are off the Outer Banks, says OCEARCH. The others range in size from 9 feet 8 inches to 14 feet 9 inches, says OCEARCH.

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