Sunday, 12 May 2019

Outrage after bullet-ridden corpse of pregnant beaver found on riverbank

Environmentalist Ben Goldsmith tweeted the images, prompting fury on Twitter

By Howard Lloyd
12:39, 10 MAY 2019
UPDATED17:38, 10 MAY 2019

There has been widespread revulsion after the rotting corpse of a pregnant beaver was found riddled with bullet holes in a wood in Devon.

Ben Goldsmith - an environmentalist and financier - tweeted grizzly images of the dead creature, sparking a furious reaction online.

Ben had written about the successful return of the beaver in the same woods in an article in The Spectator less than two months ago.

But he lashed out at the 'embedded culture of killing' which was hindering efforts to reintroduce the beaver in Britain.

"I wrote last month about a magical Devon wood that has been transformed by a pair of beavers. I went back there today and found the decomposing corpse of the female, pregnant, shot," he said.

"The male nowhere to be seen. Beavers in England have no protection, yet.

A beaver released into the wild (Image: One of the Forestry Commission)

"In this country there is an embedded culture of killing. So many country people consider themselves to be fighting a war against nature, unable to stop for fear that nature might somehow ‘win’.

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