Monday, 27 September 2010

Unidentified object in water: China's 'Nessie' or just big fish?

A picture of Kanas Lake's "water monster" from the footage shot by Ma Lin on Sept. 23.
15:22, September 27, 2010

After taking the most complicated vacation in China, many photography lovers brought back not only pictures recording beautiful natural views, but also some surprises. Here is the account of one of those photography lovers who brought back footage of an unidentified object swimming in Xinjiang's Kanas Lake.

Ma Lin went to Kanas Lake for her three-day vacation with several companions. When she looked at the surface of the lake, she saw a strange thing swimming in the water, so she took out her video camera immediately and recorded what she saw.

Because she was not quite familiar with her camera, she missed the unidentified object the first time. However, fate offered her a second chance. The thing came back in front of her lens 10 minutes later, and this time she did not miss it. However, she could not make the footage much clearer because of the long distance.

Ma said it was her sixth time to come to Kanas Lake, but the very first time of seeing the "Nessie."

Expert: it might be a huge Hucho taimen

Yuan Guoying, an ecologist and environmental protection researcher, believes the so-called "Nessie" in Kanas Lake might be a huge Hucho taimen, a kind of fish that could be as long as more than one meter. He said he believes it might be a fish based on the so-called Kanas water monster that he himself witnessed 20 years ago.

Yuan also said there were eight kinds of fish living in the Kanas Lake, and only Hucho taimen and another kind of fish can grow as long as one meter or more. However, only the Hucho taimen would emerge out of water.

Yuan had been to Kanas Lake for ten times, and had two experiences of seeing the "water monster" in 1985 and 2009 and he even took some pictures of fish living in the lake.

Huang Renxin, a retired professor of Xinjiang University, said there's nothing surprising about discovering so-called "water monsters" in the Kanas Lake. They might only be some big fish. He said the public should pay attention to something more important and significant.

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