Monday, 20 September 2010

New frog species discovered in Arnhem Land

The new frog species was found in east Arnhem Land. (FrogWatch)
By Gina Marich
Posted Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:00pm AEST

The Northern Territory-based FrogWatch group says it has found a new species of frog in East Arnhem Land.

FrogWatch coordinator Graeme Sawyer says the frog was first spotted a few years ago but it has taken until now to have it recognised as a new species.

He says it is an exciting discovery and shows the need for more research into frog biology, especially because of the threat posed by cane toads.

"It's a huge issue really that we're still discovering vertebrate species of frogs in places like the Northern Territory because we don't know so much about our wildlife and yet cane toads are already in the area where this frog was found," he said.

"So the impact on their population and stuff like that we're unsure about but quite concerned about."

The new species is yet to be named.

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