Friday, 9 March 2012

'Frog conference' tackles toad and frog road threat

The threat to frogs and toads, many of which die crossing roads to mating sites, is to be discussed in a European conference hosted in Cambridgeshire.
Conservation groups from 12 countries will join Peterborough-based Froglife for a two-day EU Toads on Roads event.
The charity said "about 20 tonnes of toads" die on UK roads alone each year.
It hopes to work with other organisations to improve road design across Europe and increase the use of "toad crossings" and "toad tunnels".
A spokesman said road expansion in Europe had resulted in an "increased loss of connectivity between habitats".
"This could have profound and potentially disastrous consequences for biodiversity," he said.
The conference, on Wednesday and Thursday, will discuss "Europe-wide sustainable solutions to wildlife mortality on roads".

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