Monday, 19 March 2012

Giant manta hauled up on ship's anchor off Bonny Island

giant manta presumably was hauled up dead after becoming entangled in the anchor line of an oil-rig servicing ship off Nigeria's Bonny Island.

The accompanying images were posted to the Nairaland Forum by a user named Pharrod with the following description. (Note: giant mantas are docile and feed on plankton, and do not possess stinging spines, as mentioned below):
"The stinging Manta ray was killed when the oil rig servicing ship anchored at the middle of ocean near Bonny Island. The anchor of the ship brought the stinging ray up while the ship was about to sail. The stinging Manta ray was killed while resting at the ocean floor.

But guess what? It was sold to fishermen that was around when it was killed at the amount of five thousand naira only. It could have been preserved. My friend is one of the people on the ship deck."

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