Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rhino wars – 7th March 2012

1 poacher killed and 3 arrested
One suspected rhino poacher was shot dead, two were wounded and a fourth was arrested in a shootout with SAN Parks rangers at the Kruger National Park. Park rangers noticed four men crossing a river at the Kruger Park and ordered them to stop. The men allegedly shot at the rangers who then returned fire. One rifle and several knives used to hack off rhino horns have been confiscated.

Former policeman arrested 
A 48 year old former South Africa Police Service officer is due to appear in a magistrate court for his alleged involvement in rhino poaching. He was arrested after he was found in possession of 2 sets (four) of rhino horns and over R60 000. 

Three rhino dehorned by poachers in Eastern Cape
Three Rhino have been dehorned in a game farm at Kenton-On-Sea in the Eastern Cape.

A driver was taking tourists on a game drive when he noticed three rhino in distress. He immediately reported the matter to the farm owner who called a vet and the police. When they arrived at the scene, the police noticed that one of the three rhino was dead. Two rhino were in a critical condition.

Initial investigation has revealed that the rhino were shot with darts. The horns were then removed.

4 men arrested with fake rhino horns
After being involved in a car accident, 4 men were arrested in posession of fake rhino horns in South Africa. Police are trying to find out what they were planning to do with the horns, and whether they were committing any crime.
An answer?
Wildlife Extra wonders whether there may not be a solution here. Flood the market with fake rhino horns, prices will drop and buyers may be put off?

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