Saturday, 17 March 2012

'Year of the Dragon' Cloud UFO Filmed in China (Video)

A "cloud" UFO was filmed in the skies of China over the weekend which looks like a dragon twirling through the sky. The quality of the video is barely good enough to make it out, but there's no doubt that something unusual is dancing in the heavens. What is it?
The news report is in Chinese, but it's obvious what is being said. Any translation would be helpful, but it appears the reporters are talking about video showing a weird cloud formation in the sky, somewhere over China, and behaving very strangely.
Normal cloud patterns are random, even if they move swiftly, propelled by wind. But no cloud moves like the one in this video.
The UFO cloud shape is dancing in the sky, in the traditional manner dragons are supposed to fly, twirling back and forth, seemingly intentionally directed.
Unfortunately, the quality of the video is too low to compose an enhanced screenshot, but playing the video in full screen mode clearly shows the dragon-like unidentified flying object dancing madly in the air.
Here it is:

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  1. Loosely translated from 0:28 second onwards.
    "The experts speculated that these could be lights from vehicles travelling on nearby bridge shone onto the clouds and refracted into the atmosphere. It could also be a string of kites fitted with fluorescent materials."


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