Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fifth report links neonicotinoid pesticides to bee decline

Study reveals combination of pesticides seriously harms bumblebees
October 2012. A new study reveals the combination of two pesticides widely used on agricultural fields can have damaging effects on bumblebee health and behaviour.
The Government-funded scientific report, published by Royal Holloway College, University of London as part of the Insect Pollinators Initiative is the fifth major scientific report linking harmful pesticides including a neonicotinoid to declining bee populations. Wildlife charity, Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust welcomes the new research as yet another strong piece of evidence linking bee declines to pesticides.
Matt Shardlow, Buglife Chief Executive said "This report is yet another piece of evidence linking bee declines to pesticides. It is vital that the Government takes immediate action to protect our wild pollinators such as bees, bumblebees and hoverflies by suspending the use of these harmful pesticides before it is too late".
"In the UK the current methods of testing and approving pesticides is totally insufficient and only considers lethal doses of single pesticide. This study is so important because in the wild bees do forage widely and are likely to encounter more than one pesticide. Efforts need to be made to improve the pesticide regulation process to ensure proper testing of the effects on all wild pollinators are considered before licensing".
The study revealed that the bumblebees suffered impaired foraging, increased number of deaths and in some cases failed colonies when exposed to exposed to a neonictonioid and imidacloprid pesticide
Buglife is feeding into the Government's consultation on a UK Pesticides Action Plan which it has to submit to the European Commission under the Sustainable Use Directive by the end of November.

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