Friday, 26 October 2012

Liuwa lioness killed by poachers

The surviving lioness left the park and headed for Angola.
Second lioness returned to park by helicopter!
October 2012. One of the young lionesses introduced last October from Kafue National Park into Liuwa Plain went missing and was killed in a snare. In early June her tracking collar was discovered underwater in a small pan in the Munde River. It had been cut by hand with a knife. Four suspects have been arrested.

Meanwhile, her sister, the second lioness brought from Kafue, went missing at the same time but after intensive searching by ground and air, she was tracked down in the north of the Park. Over the next few days she moved further north, crossing the northern boundary and heading towards the Angolan border, from where African Parks would not have been able to retrieve her.
An arduous rescue operation ensued with African Parks together with the Zambian Carnivore Programme, involving dozens of hours of driving and constant tracking by air as the lioness headed towards Angola, walking an average of 20 km per day. Realising that the roads were too perilous to bring her back safely by road, a helicopter was summoned just before nightfall on 6 June - by now the young lioness had walked over 120km in one week.

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