Saturday, 20 October 2012

Little Puss the cat who went missing 10 years ago reunited with owners after being found just two miles away

  • Pet was seven-month-old kitten when it went walkabout from Surrey home
  • Owner Melanie Ashlin now has a raft of other pets and two grandchildren
  • Moggie was wandering just a few miles from the house he walked out on
  • Microchip revealed where animal had come from after he was sent to vets
  • Cat weights three times what he did and now he 'doesn't stop eating'

A missing moggy that vanished from his home has been found ten years after he first disappeared - two miles away and three times as big.
When the cat, named Little Puss, vanished in 2003 from Melanie Ashlin’s home in Outwood, Surrey, he was a seven-month-old kitten. Melanie’s daughter Hollie was still at primary school.
Hollie is now 19 and a dairy farmer - and Little Puss has been piling on the pounds.
Melanie said: 'His name’s a bit out of date now though - he's massive and perhaps we should start calling him Big Puss!'
When Little Puss left he was a slimline 4lbs. Now he has tripled to a curvier 12lbs.
'He’s very fat and he doesn't stop eating,' Melanie said.

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