Sunday, 21 October 2012

India’s Supreme Court lifts tiger tourism ban

Tiger tourism needs better policing, not banning
The Supreme Court in India has lifted a ban on tiger tourism in Indian reserves, while simultaneously asking local governments to regulate visitors. In July the Supreme Court ordered a complete ban on tourism inside tiger reserves. The Indian government's hopes to encourage tourism whilst boosting conservation.
Tour Operator For Tigers (TOFT) comment on Indian Supreme Court judgement 
The Indian Supreme Court's judgement is good news, with the present ban being lifted on wildlife tourism that was imposed in July.
The ban has ensured the airing of a myriad of opinions that this highly contentious topic had generated, as well as some ecotourism guidelines that only time will tell if they will have the desired effect - to stop poor tourism and incentivise the very best Ecotourism practices. The ban has also badly affected hundreds of thousands of local livelihoods either directly or indirectly.
TOFT Opinion
This is good news. TOFT has always welcomed new and visionary guidelines; we did call for and help to advise on guidelines that take into account evidence based science, park geography, ground reality, carrying capacity and community and management issues, as well as drawing on the best of practices from around the world, instead of just producing a centrally pronounced diktat.

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