Friday, 16 November 2012

Faithful dog stayed with missing tot

An Australian toddler was found safe and well after going missing for 14 hours in the bush - with his faithful dog by his side.

German shepherd Dasher followed two-year-old Dante Berry when he wandered off from his home in Mildura, Victoria.

After a night away from home, they were finally found in a state forest more than two-and-a-half miles away, reports The Australian.

Rescuers said he was grubby, with prickles in his bare feet, and wearing nothing but a long-sleeved top after ditching his nappy.

More than 100 police, firefighters, neighbours and strangers were thanked by his parents for their part in what became a desperate search.

"We are happy, but not surprised, to learn that his faithful dog Dasher stayed by his side and was also found safe and well," they said.

The pair's adventure started at 8.30pm when Dante's mum, Bianca Chapman, discovered they had disappeared from the front yard.

But it wasn't until a nappy was found by the side of a dirt track more than a mile away the next morning that search parties picked up the trail.

Two hours later, a sharp cry in knee-high scrub led senior constables Carol Rigby and Greg Lee to find Dante and Dasher.

"Dante was very grubby. He had very grubby feet and legs and hands. He was more stunned and amazed than anything," Sen-Constable Rigby said.

"There was a bit of rain overnight and some thunderstorms, which must have been a bit nerve-racking for the child, but he was in pretty good nick considering."

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