Monday, 5 November 2012

"Our baby's the devil"

'Our baby's the devil', say Colombian parents whose child can 'walk at four weeks and breathes fire'
Four-week-old 'already hides around the house and cackles for hours with intimidating eyes'
Terrified neighbours throw stones at the house - but doctors search for signs of child abuse
Black magic and evil spirits have captured the soul of a new-born baby in Colombia who can apparently already walk by himself and produce fire, his own mother has claimed.
Ana Feria Santos gave birth to her son last month but says her joy quickly turned to fear when she noticed that he had 'several abnormalities' - leading to fears in her community that he is the 'devil in disguise'.
She says the boy can already stand up and walk - quite a feat for a child of just four weeks.
Much like the 1976 horror film The Omen, the mother-of-five says he frequently hides around the house, cackles in an 'adult' way for hours on end and has an 'intimidating' pair of eyes.

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