Wednesday, 14 November 2012

UT directs pet shops to follow guidelines against cruelty

In order to ensure that pets, including birds, at the pet shops across the city are not cramped, the UT Administration’s Department of Animal Husbandry has adopted the ruling by the Gujarat High Court against cruelty to birds, and the practice of keeping them inhumanly in cages.

According to the orders, the rules have been implemented by the Chandigarh Administration while adopting a judgement of the Gujarat High Court titled Abdulkadar Mohamad Azam Sheikh versus state of Gujarat. In this case, the Gujarat High Court had held that pet birds cannot be kept in the cages in inhuman conditions.

Residents will now be empowered to take the assistance of the Police Department, if any bird is found in captivity in inhuman conditions.

The Administration has directed the pet shop owners to follow “pet shop guidelines and animal enclosure standards”

The Administration has also prohibited shop owners from exhibiting the pets and birds and trading them like commodities. Pet shop owners should not cram the pet animals and birds in cages outside their shops along with hoardings or in front of their shops in open sunlight.

According to the guidelines issued by the UT Administration, all reasonable precautions should be taken to prevent unnatural deaths and spread of infectious diseases in the pet shops.

Also, the pets or animals should not be sold at too early an age i.e. before at least eight weeks of age. Pregnant animals should not be put on sale.

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