Friday, 14 December 2012

Red wolves endangered by rule designed to protect them - 7th wolf killed

Seventh Red wolf shot dead - Rule change threatens Red wolves with extinction

December 2012. Yet another Red wold has been shot in North Carolina; at least 7 have been killed since a rule change in the law to allow hunting of coyotes at night. This radio-collared red wolf was found dead with a suspected gunshot wound on November 29, 2012, south of Columbia, in Tyrrell County, N.C.

16 Red wolves have died in 2012
A total of 16 red wolves have died since January 1, 2012. Of those 16, two were struck and killed by vehicles, two died during capture (Two small pups were killed by a parent after the pups had a microchip fitted under their skin), five died of unknown causes, and seven were suspected gunshot deaths.

World's most endangered canid?
The red wolf is one of the world's most endangered wild canids. Once common throughout the south-eastern United States, red wolf populations were decimated by the 1960's due to intensive predator control programs and loss of habitat. A remnant population of red wolves was found along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. After being declared an endangered species in 1967, efforts were initiated to locate and capture as many wild red wolves as possible. Of the 17 remaining wolves captured by biologists, 14 became the founders of a successful captive breeding program.

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