Saturday, 25 May 2013

Erasmus the Soccer Playing Fish (Video)

A woman has spent the last 2 months training her fish to play... soccer?

In the video below Ilana Bram explains how she managed to train her pet fish Erasmus to, among other things, boot a soccer ball (football?) swim through rings and do a limbo dance. Apparently, it's a very rare feat, since most aquarium fish are not exactly known for their brain power.

But, Ilana Bram doesn't mind putting in the hours and, over the last few months, the training has paid off.

Erasmus is a popular kind of aquarium fish, known as the Pseudotropheus Socolofi Cichlid (or just Cichlid for short) famous for getting along with other, different breeds of their own size. Smaller fish beware, however, as this one is of the same family as the Oscar, a voracious, cannibalistic fish very popular with aqua-nuts.

In the video, Erasmus is all alone as Bram puts him (her? how does one tell???) through the paces, first pushing a soccer ball over a ridge, then swimming through various sized hoops, even catching one with its snout, before diving under a limbo pole as the finale.

It's no dolphin show, but, it's still entertaining and quite amazing. Apparently, some people can do this for hours.

At the end, there's always a treat, and that's what you're in for after clicking the link below.

Check it out:

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