Sunday, 19 May 2013

Late show for rare spring butterflies

Coldest spring for 50 years has delayed butterfly emergence 

May 2013. The coldest start to spring for half a century has led to many butterflies emerging weeks later than usual, Butterfly Conservation has revealed. March, the second coldest since records began, followed a chillier than average winter with snow on the ground in places well into April (And the weather is still cold, wet and rotten). 

Grizzled skipper - a month late
The emergence of many rare spring species was typically delayed by a fortnight and in some cases by three or more weeks, with one species - the Grizzled Skipper, emerging a month later than last year. 

Other late butterflies 

· Last year the endangered Pearl-bordered Fritillary was on the wing by April 1st but this year the butterfly didn't emerge until April 27th. 

· The endangered Wood White was first seen on April 10th in 2012 but this year was not seen until early May. 

· Similarly, Duke of Burgundy didn't put in an appearance until late April, around three weeks later than last year.

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