Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lily Cole to reveal the ugly truth behind luxury beauty: Model exposes cosmetics industry's cruel use of SHARK liver

Squalene oil is extracted from shark liver for face and skin creams
Substance made by sharks in their livers to help control buoyancy in water
Premium substance from gulper sharks can fetch £18,000 a ton
Extracted by 'livering': Liver is removed and carcass thrown overboard
Selfridges to join Cole at event and announce ban on squalene in store 

PUBLISHED: 12:04, 27 May 2013 | UPDATED: 14:30, 27 May 2013

Sharks are already in demand for their fins and now it has been revealed that their livers are being used to make luxury face cream.

gulper shark

Model and animal rights campaigner Lily Cole is to speak out against the use of squalene, an oil extracted from the livers of endangered sharks, at the Hay Festival on Thursday.

As one of Britain's most successful models Cole has caliber when it comes to the world of fashion and beauty. She is known for using her fame to promote environmental causes and this latest appeal hits close to home.

She will expose one of the beauty trade's murkier secrets - its reliance on killing sharks to obtain a key cosmetics ingredient.

Cole will be joined on stage by Alannah Weston, creative director of Selfridges, the department store, who will announce it is clearing its shelves of all products containing squalene derived from sharks.

Almost all beauty products use a loophole in European labelling regulations to avoid revealing the origin of the substance, reported the Sunday Times.

'Sharks are now among the most vulnerable species in the ocean,' said Weston. 'The unrestricted killing of sharks is just another example of human destruction of the ocean and its creatures.'

The substance is made by sharks in their livers to help control their buoyancy in water.

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