Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wayward croc divides outback town

A crocodile spotted far from its usual habitat is the talk of an outback Queensland town, but not everyone is happy.

The freshwater crocodile made headlines around the country on Thursday when it was spotted at a popular fishing and swimming spot in the Diamantina River near Birdsville, up to 1000km from its usual range.

But while the crocodile - dubbed ‘‘Kyle’’ after Kylie, the eagle-eyed Birdsville resident who spotted it - has become a talking point, not everyone is happy about its presence.

Birdsville Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service ranger Don Rowlands says some think Kyle is a danger to children and dogs, while others believe it’s eating all the fish.

‘‘We don’t know how long it’s been here, but in the last couple of years we’ve noticed it’s been hard to catch a feed of fish and we’ve all wondered why,’’ he said.

‘‘Maybe this is the cause, because that’s all this creature eats - fish.’’

Mr Rowlands believes a fisher in north Queensland probably caught the croc as a baby and placed it in the river downstream some time ago ‘‘for a lark’’.

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