Friday, 24 May 2013

First wild born bison in Germany for 400 years

German bison give birth just weeks after release into the wild

May 2013. Just a few weeks after being released into the wild in Germany, the first free roaming bison herd in Western Europe for 400 years has increased by one. The small herd’s matriarch, known as Araneta, gave birth to a healthy male calf on 5th May.

"For the first time after a gap of hundreds of years a wild bison calf has been born in Wittgenstein," says the first chairman of the conservation project, Bernd Fuhrmann.

Steer clear
John Röhl, of the Bison Club Board, warns forest visitors to keep clear of the bison herd. He said: "Please have respect for the animals and keep your distance, especially as the bison's mother will be protecting her calf. Although bison are peaceful, they are still wild animals."

More information can be found on the German bison website.

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