Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pompeii Foodies Chowed Down On Giraffe

Brett Smith for – Your Universe Online

Archeologists from the University of Cincinnati working in and around Pompeii will be presenting new details this week on what citizens of the ancient Roman city typically ate, which included such exotic fare like giraffe.

UC researchers have been working for over a decade to uncover an area that includes 10 separate building plots and 20 shop fronts, most of which served food and beverages. By analyzing preserved food waste from the area, the study team found that wealthy Romans dined on flamingos and other delicacies, while the poor scavenged for soup or gruel.

The researchers examined samples taken from drains, latrines and cesspits, which included mineralized and charred food waste as well as preserved feces. Among the finds were an abundance of the remains of fully-processed foods.

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