Friday, 13 June 2014

Citizen science app hopes to create buzz for bee survey

Organisers of the UK's first nation-wide bee count hope a new smartphone app will create a buzz among the nation's citizen scientists.

They hope thousands of people will log their sightings in order to give scientists a vital insight into the health of bee populations.

There is growing concern about wild bee numbers, as many species have recorded a serious decline in recent years.

Participants can also submit their data on the Great British Bee Count website.
The survey's organisers hope thousands of people will submit their sightings

The app - developed by charity Buglife, Friends of the Earth and retailer B&Q - allows users to report the species, number and location of bees they spot between now and the end of August.

The submissions will provide data to theNational Biodiversity Network, which collates data from a wide range of national, regional and local organisations in order to provide a comprehensive overview of UK wildlife.

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