Saturday, 12 July 2014

Guernsey warning after jellyfish sighting

People in Guernsey are being warned to be careful on the beach after blue jellyfish were spotted off the coast.

The States issued an official warning after reports of sightings at Perelle, Cobo and in Alderney.

The blue jellyfish has tendrils that are about a metre long and can sting like a nettle.

Islanders are being urged not to touch them if they are found washed up on the beach and to try to avoid them when swimming in the sea.

'No vinegar'
Marine biologist Richard Lord said the creatures were driven by prevailing winds. They develop on sea beds and then grow.

He said: "Some people say use vinegar but that can make the stinging tentacles fire more. Cold water is the best way to reduce the intensity of the sting."

Doreen and Charles Langlois went for their daily swim at Cobo on Thursday and were surprised to be surrounded by jellyfish.

Mr Langlois said: "We went down on the to beach and where the tide was low there was one about the size of a side plate and a few smaller ones scattered around on the seaweed."

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