Sunday, 3 August 2014

Poachers running amok as rhino kills hit 618 for 2014

Posted by: Kevin Heath / 3 days ago

The South African rhino poaching epidemic continues unabated as the latest figures released today show that the killings have surged through the 600 barrier and now number 618 dead rhinos so far this year. That is an increase of 60 rhinos since the last figures published on July 11th.

Looking back on the figures for July it shows a devastating loss of the rhino in South Africa – 122 of the creatures have been killed this month.

It could have been worst as the first 11 days of the month say 62 kills. another 60 rhino have been killed since 11th.

The latest stats have been released on World Ranger Day at a ceremony dedicating a monument to rangers in SANPARKS that have been killed trying to protect wildlife from the poachers.

The Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ms Barbara Thomson, officially unveiled the Ranger Monument at the Kruger Gate in the Kruger National Park on 31 July 2014, as part of the World Ranger Day celebration.

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