Friday, 10 October 2014

Bosnian Mountain Horse herd grows in the Velebit Mountains

Bosnian Mountain Horses have been introduced to the Velebit Mountains in Croatia

Five additional Bosnian Mountain Horses have been released into Croatia’s Velebit Mountains to join the existing herd in an effort to help biodiversity in the region.

The Bosnian Mountain Horse – a close descendent of the now extinct Tarpan, and Przewalski’s Horse – is considered endangered, with only around 200 individuals remaining.

The breed was reintroduced into the wild in the Velebit Mountains as they are large herbivores that have evolved to survive in harsh conditions. As natural grazers, they will be part of the key process for the natural maintenance of the ecosystem, crucial for biodiversity.

Rewilding Europe says that the wild horse population here will not only be beneficial for nature, but for people and businesses as well, with the horses helping to boost the region’s tourism and providing local people with new job opportunities.

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