Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Big Rhino Debt Swap

The United States government and the Indonesian government have signed a new agreement that will see debt owned by Indonesia to the United States swapped for rhino protection and conservation measures. The new deal also involves Indonesian NGO KEHATI.

The agreement will see Indonesia commit about US$12 million towards conservation programmes to help protect wildlife and habitats in Sumatra. This will include a programme to help conserve one of the world’s rarest rhinos – the Sumatran rhino – which is estimated to have a population of no more than 100. The deal will also see habitat protection for tigers, Sumatran elephants and orang-utans.

The deal was partially funded and negotiated by Conservation International. Global law firm White & Case LLP provided legal support on a pro bono basis.

“Sumatran rhinos number no more than 100, and along with many other species living in these forests, like Sumatran tigers, are among the most critically endangered animals on Earth,” said Susie Ellis, executive director, International Rhino Foundation. “This support will be pivotal in ensuring their survival.”

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