Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Raju the crying elephant decreed free by Indian court

An Indian elephant kept in chains for 50 years has finally been declared free after his former owners lost a legal battle to reclaim him from wildlife campaigners

by Telegraph Video, video source Wildlife SOS

1:52PM GMT 03 Dec 2014

A starving and beaten Indian elephant that was rescued by a wildlife charity in a midnight raid will not have to be returned to its abusive owner, an Indian court has ruled.

Raju, who is now recovering in a wildlife sanctuary, was found shackled in spiked chains and living off rubbish in the streets of Allahabad, India.

Conservationists from the British charity Wildlife SOS carried out a raid to free the animal in the early hours of July 4. Incredibly, they reported witnessing him shedding tears as they moved in to cut his bonds.

Two months later, Raju's owners launched a law suit to try to reclaim the animal, but now stand accused of illegally obtaining him.

Indian law requires owners to hold a licence from the Chief Wildlife Warden, which Raju's former owners were unable to produce.

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