Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Who is the world’s wildlife favourite airline?

Until recently there was little to choose between the biggest airlines when it came to wildlife protection. But in just a few weeks that has all changed. For the eco-tourist looking to spend their green pound in an ethical fashion or company buyers looking to meet their sustainability policies things have changed- there is now clear blue sky between the leader and the rest.

Until recently the major airlines made token gestures towards protecting the biodiversity of the planet. As long as it did not impact on their profits too much a nod was made towards protecting wildlife. Today though one airline in particular stands out ahead of the crowd when it comes to protecting wildlife. There is now a clear run-away airline to purchase from if keeping wildlife alive and in the wild is important to you.

Before looking at the best airline to buy your flights or holidays from I’ll take a quick look at our own British Airways. BA have in place a policy of not carrying ivory. So if you’ve just been on a safari holiday to South Africa and enjoyed these magnificent beast roaming the savannahs you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not sitting on top of an elephants heads being bought back as a trophy by some big game hunter.

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