Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bumblebee Training Reveals Males to Be Surprisingly Smart

by Robert Roy Britt   |   November 13, 2015 11:57am ET

Male bumblebees are thought to be dim-witted — a bit bumbling, you might say — compared to females. See, female bumblebees do all the work, from fetching the nectar to feeding the kids to cleaning the hive. Males are thought to be good for pretty much one thing: helping to make baby bees. They're otherwise not known to have much aptitude.

But when scientists trained bumblebees to recognize fake flowers containing food versus fake flowers with no food, the males did as well as the females.

Wait. They trained bumblebees? Yep. And it isn't the first time — past research showed bees could learn to associate two things they'd never spotted before. For the new study, researchers used different colored flowers to signal food or no food. As the bees got used to a color, the scientists would swap things around so the bees had to figure out, again, which color signaled a meal. The females, as expected, figured it out just fine. A bee expert would expect the females to be good at this; they're used to recognizing flowers by color in the wild. But the males passed the tests, too.

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